I got into construction in 2008, while recovering from the real estate downturn. While at the time, I wasn’t sure if this career would stick, I quickly found success in winning contracts from State and Federal Government agencies.

I started going through the long, daunting process outlined on the Government website. I didn’t understand the jargon-filled documents…

I didn’t know what the Government was really looking for… and, I almost ended up on that big old rejection pile. Thankfully, I “figured it out” just in time, and for the first time in a long time I was financially stable and free.

To top it off, I was chosen to work with the NFL! I secured a 10-year contract as a General Contractor and Labor Provider for the Super Bowl. My business was even featured in Rolling Stones Magazine!

The BEST part about all of this? It wasn’t luck or a fluke, and I’m not part of some secret Government society…this can be EASILY duplicated inside of your business, too!